Thursday, November 5, 2009

25 Pounds Lost

So today is my LIW and I lost 1.5 pounds since yesterday. Im thrilled that I lost 25 pounds this round. Im ready for p3 I am making a list of all allowable foods and snacks. Its almost orgasmic the thought lol. I cant wait to mix my vegetables. I am so much more appreciative for food. You would think an overweight person would be appreciate already but no.
I got a nice compliment from my husband. He said he cant let me leave the house alone without supervision since I lost some weight. I said well no one has noticed, he said well your husband has. :P
So I made a list of allowable snacks. OMG I will think I arrived in heaven early lol

Funny for the day:


Brandi said...

Sometimes he can be so sweet, lol. :)

I am really excited for you, you've done an amazing job and you just plain rock!

Love you!

Ps: CAKE!!

Miss Mary said...

I know remember the picture of the chocolate cake with almond flour.

Caitlin Murphy said...

Way to go on an awesome first round, Miss Mary!!! Have fun! :) Oh, and don't quit posting, eh? :):)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Way to rock that scale! You're doing great...

helderheid said...

25! AWESOME! And that hubby of yours sounds like a keeper. :)

Thanks for the link to the bread!

nikkispower said...

I so agree with Helderheid..your husband is a sweetheart!