Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Company's Coming

Well seems we will be having out of town guests. They are elderly and well coming Sunday. I was planning on finishing my hcg shots next week but looks like I will sooner. The plan is to take them out for dinner. I just hate having to explain myself to everyone. So plan is to start my 1500 calorie maintenance phase Sunday. Just ordered me some Julian Bread. So many on the protocol use it on the maintenance phase. So I will try but use it sparingly and see how my body reacts.
Here's a yummy picture:

The one thing I noticed differently since being on this diet I have become intentional. Basically putting myself first. Making plans of what I need to eat. Not waiting until I am so hungry I just grab whatever. Making better choices and really saving money by buying different. Pre packaged food is expensive. But then again I just spent $20 dollars on two loaves of bread but hey Im worth it. And I miss it. If it fubs me up on the p3. I will delete it. Im planning on introducing a caution food one at a time to see how my body reacts.Im really nervous about doing something different. Its so much safer with the limited foods we have on p2. Biting nails(fake lol)

Officially lost 23.8 pounds in 27 days.

Funny for today. Yowza baby...............


Brandi said...

nom nom


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are heading into P3 and ready for it. You aren't being selfish putting yourself first with your diet. Doesn't others benefit from it, too? Yes! Prepackage food isn't good for anybody! Let us know how the bread tastes. AR

nikkispower said...

UhUh! That picture is stupid funny!

Your plan sounds good and I think you'll find P3 easier than you might think.

You lost great!