Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did Somebody Say Protein

Well I took some advice and loaded up on protein today. By my weight I was told I should have 200 g of protein. OMG so much freaking food. Scares me. Curious what the scale will do tommorow. So a little nervous is an understatement.
After living on 500 calories a month this is like crazy eating this much food. Who knew 2000 calories was so much.
Upside peeps is I lost 8.5 inches since my last meaurements which were on the 30th of October. I quit measuring beacuse that week I showed no loss cause my weight was redistributing. So thank God for a little good news. I have been getting up and using my treadmill. Working up to using it for an hour so far only 20 minutes. But it gives me a chance to watch Desperate Housewives. My husband didnt like the idea of me watching it, Probably cause of the title. Ha! Its a hoot and Im only on first season. Well thats one way get my ass a moving lol.

Some things you just should tape yourself doing.


nikkispower said...

Yes, P3 gets some getting used to and then to block heads like me, it gets easier..lol

Losing inches is so encouraging.
You're doing great!

Brandi said...

Omg. Wow. The clapping. OMG the clapping.

helderheid said...

What they both said!