Sunday, November 8, 2009

Phase 3 Day 1

Ah so woke up early as usual. I'm finding myself much more rested since I have been on this diet. I don't need sleeping pills to go to sleep or to help me stay asleep. A really good benefit of the HCG protocol and healthier eating.
So the plan was to eat a little breakfast since I have had any in over a month. So made some bacon and eggs. All I can say is wow.
Then we had company today so we decided after church to go to a local restaurant. I picked a hamburger steak with green beans and coleslaw. I ate way to much and have been bloated all day. Wont do that again. I guess its cause Ive gone so long on a limited amount of food. My eyes were bigger than my stomach literally.
Well I thought it would be impossible to eat 1500 to 2000 calories in one day. Well ooops I was wrong. I calculated my totals on lunch alone and it was over 1400. Wow! Breakfast was 324 and lunch was 1490. Yikes.
Tomorrow will be better. No restaurant food. I know I'm supposed to eat that much but it felt so not normal anyway and I didn't like the feeling I got. Curious as to what my scale will say.
On tomorrow's agenda Pilate's at 5 am. Fun Fun

Party hats anyone. Whoa!


helderheid said...

I bet it was the coleslaw that got ya!

Miss Mary said...

I think so too.

nikkispower said...

Restaurant food always does me in so I stick to my own cooking. It's great to be able to eat all that delicious food!!