Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Pounds + Over LIW

Ok frustrated. Not eating over the 1500 calories but seems Im over the two pounds of my LIW. Dont have any steak in the house and well I dont feel like driving 20 miles total to get one. So I will eat as usual and get my steak tomorrow. I think Im eating too many caution foods so I am going to eliminate those and just stick to the allowable veggies, fruit and protein. O well I guess thats why its called stabilizing. Cause it takes a freaking lot of work!
Planned dinner will be grilled chicken with assortment of veggies.


Brandi said...

I think you're cutting yourself short on cals and protein. You are supposed to have a minimum of 1500 cals, not a maximum. You also need to up your protein and quit eating so many salads. Right now you are basically on a high protein diet and you need to act like it, lol. :)

Miss Mary said...

Im trying to eat almost 2000 you know its alot harder than you think when your not eating bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. I could easily rack up those calories eating those lol

Brandi said...

Ok, found something for the protein question!!

"No calorie limit but try to make sure at least 65% of your daily foods are protein! A good rule of thumb is to take .8 and multiply that by your current weight. That is how many grams of protein you should have a day. Divide that up over 3 meals and 2 snacks! Don't eat after seven and get an ounce of water in for every pound you weigh!"

I don't know, but that sounds decent. I need to have @ 150g of protein if that's the case. It WAS really hard today, lol...I thought I was eating an absolute ton, but I wasn't. I made it over the 1500 today, by only 59 cals though, lol.

nikkispower said...

Yeah it is hard esp. when your appetite isn't there too. I know my comment is late but you might want to cut down on the vegetables and up our protein. Yes, this kind of gain is one of the quirks of protocol.. this is just a small bump try not stressing.

Good luck!