Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Pounds to Date

Yippie ten pounds to date.
Today was a mix of exhilaration at loosing the ten pounds but had some major "I want to eat feelings". Don't know if its cause I didn't drink as much liquid as I was very busy doing paperwork. Or what it was. But I have noticed it is almost necessary to eat at a regular time. It might be a mind thing I don't know. But I had to take a nap or else I was going to eat. And I didn't want to before I had to fix the families meal(spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic toast).
My daughter ( <- click the link )will be starting the HCG plan. Im excited for her too. Unfortunately she takes after her momma in some ways. Holds her weight in same areas. But she doesnt have alot to loose. She is doing the research and getting excited. Next week she starts :)

So got my answer on injection sites. Seems Im supposed to inject into the fatty area. Well thats not going to be a problem(laughing)

Some motivational posters :P

These look better on women :)

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helderheid said...

CONGRATS on 10 pounds released!!!