Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I Stalling or is it Tom's Fault?

Kinda confused a little woke up again with not much of a loss. Only .2 lost. I am drinking water and hot tea. Peeing constantly so its not my water intake. Not cheating and even have discontinued the melba toast. So. What the heck. Not discouraged I just miss the high of seeing at least 1 pound lost. So maybe its just TOM. Either way it sucks. Food is tasting bland no matter what I fix. I am feeling aching and getting tired easily last few days. I need a pick me up. Brandi says Tequila. lol Ooops not on the approved list of foods. Nap is in store.

Who says fat isnt sexy :)

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nikkispower said...

Uh-Uh, Oh no u din't..ROTFLMBO! That's too funny! Gurl have a great nap!