Friday, October 23, 2009

The Twins

I have always said the girls(aka my breasts) were one of my best features. Why when you start to loose weight you start in those places you coud give a rat's butt about. Come on lol. I have grown accustomed to the fuller breasts. I like them, they liked me. Now they are shrinking at an amazing rate. Wish I could say that about my ass. Nope I checked its still there. Though I know a few who like a little junk in the trunk. My problem is that I have a junk yard in my trunk :p. At east I am firm not flabby. Only consolation is that since I will be saying 17,000 not going the route of lap band surgery. I will spend a little on a new set of girls and maybe a tummy tuck if necessary. I know this there is a change in my mind and heart. When not if I successfully loose the weight. I will never be fat again. This is too hard to ever come back and do this again. Being overweight is such a burden. It affects your whole life and it affects your family. All the missed activities because I was self conscious of my weight. Not once in 19 years of marriage have I went to the beach with my husband. No family trips that required swimsuit attire. What a bummer for everyone. I should be 45 when finally reach where I want to be. I feel a cruise coming on :p
So 15 days into it with a loss of 17.2 pounds. Working to reach my 30 pounds by end of 40 dose injections. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I've had 7 children, lost and gained a ton of weight over the last four years. I'm quite pleased with my belly...and by the end of your weight loss journey, you could be too! I wish I was brave enough to show my rather flat belly. The right cut bathing suit bottom hid "stuff" I didn't like about it this past summer.

Now, I'm ok with the girls as long as Victoria Secret stays in business. *GRIN*

Miss Mary said...

Send pics :P Thats encouraging though I have only had 4. If all else fails tummy tuck lol

nikkispower said...

I've lost 4 inches in my breasts but they still look bouncy so I'm ok with the loss.

I'm feelin ya about never getting fat again, this HCG is what I've been crying for.

Good luck you're doing great!