Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its a Good Day

Finally lost a whole pound instead of just .5 or .2 I hate when it doesn't show a whole pound but a loss is a loss. Well got the tape measure out again. Tape measure said I lost an additional 13 inches. So that brings me to 18.2 pounds lost and 29 inches.
I guess that's why they call it "Pounds and Inches"
Maybe the skipping lunch had something to do with the whole pound lost or just that I'm finally over the whole TOM thing. I will try that in a few days again if I find myself not loosing.
I bought that Smooth Move Tea. All I can say is gross. It smelled disgusting and I'm a tea drinker. And it didn't make a difference in the bowel function. Kinda gross to talk about lol.
Well I'm feeling pretty frisky today, the husband might get a little or a lot depending upon his behavior today :P Kinda feeling super freak coming on(smiles)
I wonder how many people on the HCG actually use a condom during sex. You know all that protein and sugar that you don't get to eat, yet you get it anyway. Another gross thing to talk about but hey its in the protocol.

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Brandi said...

Nearly 30 inches in 2 weeks is AMAZING!! I'm so proud of you!

I did my inches today, too.... blech!! But, it's all good...I'm looking forward to being down some pounds and inches really, really soon ;-)