Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Such a Small Victory

Amazing how the opinion of that scale matters. Well the fast did break the gain. Today lost a pound but that included the .4 that was gained. Water weight or not it felt like a defeat but not one that made me go backwards but one that pushed me forward. My daughter and I talked about the hunger thing and for me its not hunger but wanting to be satified pallette wise. It is amazing how many stinking food commercials there are. Never notice them while you are eating whatever you please. But it is everywhere And of course they arent pushing a spinach salad but burgers and fries. MMMM bacon cheeseburger lol. I had a hamburger(100 g) and some grilled onions, not to bad but my thoughts went to mayo and bacon and BREAD lol. I can eat any startch until my load days on the 24, 25 of December. I will probably regret it to cause Im sure it will make me feel like yuk and I feel pretty good health wise now.


nikkispower said...

It is indeed a victory another step towards you goal, YAY!

You know my taste buds have changed so much I really can't stand takeout food. It's as though I can taste all the processing and additives that goes into it.

I love the pictures you share they all ways bring a smile to my face.

Great losing!

Miss Mary said...

Thanks Nikki. Your comments are always so encouraging and helpful. Im going to check out some of the recipes you posted during your p3.