Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 4....Whoot!

Well woke up to a nice surprise. Lost 4.2 pounds in 4 days. Nice surprise after a rough night. Last night was the first night of cooking for the family while maintaining a 500 calorie diet. I wasnt hungry so that wasnt the problem. But putting the guy's leftovers away were a killer. Very much a psychological trip. So I decided to pitch the unnecessaty items. Imagine a green bean being tempting ugh! Today is our usual sunday afternoon dinner during the football game. Roast, potatoes, carrots, biscuits and gravy. Well I didnt eat that. I did have a 100 g of the roast along with cucumbers and a few slices of apple left over from breakfast. Im not hungry though I thought the cresent rolls would have been good with some cinnamon, sugar and some butter before rolling them up. My husband tried to nab one of my cucmber slices and I was like NO! lol. Decided it was too difficult to shoot my own ass with the shot so I will try a different site tommorow.
I am not saying this is easy but I think it wil be worth it. I am not asking my family to change there lifestyle as I feel it was my choices in that I gained weight as well it will be my choices to become healthier. I do just hope they are considerate and realize how difficult it is. And maybe help out more when it comes to the cleaning up with the leftovers. I just dont think they realize the temptation. But nothing has crossed these lips that arent supposed to.
Dinner 12 shrimp(100 g) cooked with red pepper flakes garlic(boiled) over a bed of romaine with salt pepper and some lemon juice. Need to find a dressing recipe I can eat. Half grapefruit with stevia and a melba toast.
I cant belive how much I have to pee!

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