Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smell's Fishy in Here

Good day. Not a big loss. Maybe have to do a cocktail to get things rolling. Only a .4 loss.So 16.4 pounds and Im starting week three. So that means 14 days to loose 14 pounds to reach this month's goal. I hope I can attain it. Tomorrow or saturday I will measure. Maybe that will be better :P
Had a fishy day. I dont know why but I was craving seafood.So lunch was grilled shrimp and onions and an apple=202 calories. Dinner was baked cod with ms dash's lemon pepper, sliced cucumbers with cilantro and acv and an orange(still have to count the calories). Thoroughly stuffed. I made the guy's rib eyes "arent I just a doll".
Tommorow going to the big city. Going to visit Akins health foods to see what I can round up. Thats how they talk in these parts lol
Well gonna bounce and watch a movie.


nikkispower said...

I got shrimped out in round 1, the thought of it turns me off, but still loving fish. Reads delicious. Have a great day.

Brandi said...

Fish = Blech!! lol... though I may learn to like it, who knows.

Can you bring the scale up today? I forgot it Wednesday night. Love you!!