Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fat Girls

So today started out bad and has so far continued to be one. I am serious married to a jekyl/hyde. Decided again today Im not going to let your issues become mine. Im going to finish this and no amount of bad vibe or attitude is going to make me stuff my face, nor my emotion down. Ill get thinner just to despise your ass. Not very christian like but hey Im pissy. Give me chocolate. Id really like just to lick it, the chocolate :P.
I think my emotions are sensitive lately. I dont like that. I dont like being sensitive or vunerable. I am getting more soft spoken. Thats a plus for a very verbal person like myself. Time to drink my water. I feel like a barge. Even 16 pounds lost this morning. Not loosing a whole pound a day like some people but it is a loss so I take comfort. Mr Jekyl/Hyde did tell me I looked nice this morning. But that was only after he was a jerk. So does compliment count? I dont think so.

A few bad words but I liked video. Made my fat *** want to dance lol


helderheid said...

I'm REALLY sorry. Maybe it's in the stars. I lost it with my husband last night.

Take the loss and do a happy dance. I am on VLCD #18 and am down 3.6 pounds from post load weight and down .3 pounds from my pre-load weight. :)

Anonymous said...

Men! I swear they don't think before they speak and won't admit to suffering to PMS, too. Then there's times when they are simply clueless to the fact that what they said was not appreciated!
It's a shame they can't be perfect like us. *Grin* Hope your day gets better.

Miss Mary said...

I did the dance :)and my day got better. Left the office early and said later :)
Cleaned house and generally felt better.

Kristen Hinson Photography said...

Hi Mary, we talked on FB... I just found your blog from clicking through where you are following mine!

Anyway, I'm sorry you had a bad day :-( Unfortunately I had one too. And my husband was being a rear end also...they just don't know how to behave do they?