Monday, October 12, 2009

7.8 Pounds Off

Coulda peed my pants if I was wearing any lol. Pretty excited when I saw 3 more pounds off today. So that made my day and it just started. A friend said it was probably just water weight. Hey I dont care what it is Im ok with it. Ok here we go the funny for today:

I thought I was taking a picture and it was on video. I made some spicey chicken with tomatoes. Yummy. This ones a keeper. Rep pepper flakes garlic to cook the cubes of chicken. Cook with small amount of water until water dissolves. In meantime slice two roma tomatoes season with salt and cilatro and add to chicken and heat just until warm. Use spices to taste. I used alot of red pepper and I was on fire but I enjoyed it very much. Thank goodness for the allowable melba toast. Once despised now is a godsend :)

Yummy dinner. Couldnt wait to eat lol. Im kinda hungry at moments then not at all at others. So shrimp grilled with onions. Bad breath yeah! Cut up grapefruit with stevia. Checking out recipes for grapefruit now(get a life :P)

Almost let someones else issues become mine tonight. But I overcame it. Wasnt going to let them get under my skin and cause me to do something I would regret later. Besides I have an appointment with my scale in the morning.


Caitlin Murphy said...

It is most definitely NOT water weight! :) That is what is so awesome about this diet! Pure fat is being activated and moved along... Way to go and enjoy your losses! Thank you also for your comment and I look forward to following your blog- I like the humor and "tell it like it is" style!

KAES said...

I've heard the broiled grapefruit is good, but I haven't tried it. Keep up the good work. It will eventually get easier to turn down things are not on your approved list of items to eat. Have you tried Grissini sticks? I liked those better than the melba toast.

Miss Mary said...

I just got my order in of Grissini bread sticks. Too bad we can only eat just one :)I ordered them from Amazon.com and will be sharing them with my daughter Brandi who is going to start the Pounds and Inches diet plan. :p

chipmunck said...

I will be reading your blog very soon, but I just had to say LOL to the picture of the woman and the scale! Hehe. I feel like that some mornings before the diet.