Friday, October 16, 2009

Move Your Ass

So yes I need to do that. I have an office job that requires most of all sitting at the computer with the bouts of filing and and such. 8-10 hours at a desk. Hmmm not good for promoting a healthy body ehh. Wondering what to do as far as an exercise program. Have the treadmill and I freaking hate it. Boring. I sear watching ice melt is more fun. Thought about Pilate's, cause Minnie Driver's body really rocked after doing that. I know I need to do cardio for so many reasons. I have the beach body videos and there ya go again I'm not that freaking coordinated. Seriously people I fell out of a boat and it wasn't moving and no I wasn't drinking. I'm just fabulous like that. .
13.6 pounds off so far as this mornings weigh in
So I need to get my ass a moving, cause I don't want her hanging to my knees soon.
Project this weekend start exercising.

And on a funny note. I am seeing things I haven't seen in awhile , well at least without straining myself lol. I crack myself up.

Lunch = was pretty awesome. Cubed chicken and cubed celery stir fry. Lots of spices and some crunch so you actually feel like your eating. Baked apple which I only ate half. I got full. Is this a sign my stomach is shrinking? One would hope.

Warning not suitable for everyone. Some serious big booty dancing. But very funny. Hey at least there butt's are exercising. Like the song it might be my new theme song lol


Brandi said...

I can not find this song anywhere!! I have tried everything I can think of and it's driving me nuts, lol...but I love the song. :D

nikkispower said...

YOU ARE CRAZY FUNNY!! Now I feel really guilty for not taking my walk today!