Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Feels So Good

Well for a little humor. Roll one has become two smaller rolls. Most of the 16 inches have come off my hips. That was a total of 3 from the hips. Average loss was .5 inches other places. And nope didn't taunt the tape just left it like it was supposed too,wanted as accurate as possible. A funny thing but nice thing is I could now moon you without having to unzip my pants lol. But that is only if you really deserved it. Discovered recently you cant repeat items you ate earlier in the day. So tonight I tried to brainstorm dinner. So I made an attempt at making orange chicken which ended up pretty good. Spices used ginger root, garlic and onion powder, red pepper flakes juice from a 1/4 each of a lemon and orange.3 packets of Stevia. Cider vinegar and cubed chicken cooked with a cup of water. Sauteed until chicken was done and served on a bed of spinach. Very yummy. Will repeat that again. Was very pretty too. But my battery was too dead to take a pic and load and I wanted to eat it. I will take a picture later as my daughter said I should. Cant wait until she is on it so she can come up with the recipes.


Caitlin Murphy said...

Holy cow! 16 inches total lost! Congrats!!! And that recipe sounds really tasty! I am going to have to give that a try. I have been good today. yipee! So hopefully, a loss tomorrow! Way to go- you are doing so great!

helderheid said...

WOW, impressive numbers!! Congrats!

"But that is only if you really deserved it." Bwahahah!

Oh by the way, the only thing you can't repeat in the day is beef - too much fat too many calories, but you can most certainly repeat otherwise. There's lots of misinformation out there. Just refer to Pounds and Inches when in doubt. :)

Brandi said...


Spicy, not chicken, and sounds super yummy!

Brandi said...

Ok, that whole blog is pretty much amazing in the recipe department.


nikkispower said...

Hi I've just started following your blogs and today's post really made me smile. Thanks