Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 3.............The Rubber Hit's the Road

Well today it was official. The 500 calorie part of the treatment. I have read so much but its kinda confusing sometimes keeping up with all the people who have are more familiar with the plan. Woke up not hungry. Really am not hungry at all. I am peeing more. Whatever. Went to the grocery store to pick up last minute items. Melba toast yummy lol (not really) Bought myself little ziplocs so I could portion size ahead of time. 100 g's of meat is a little. But 2 cups of celery is huge lol. Made a romaine salad with an attempt to make a dressing that was too vinegar'y but I ate it anyway. Cut up a green apple with cinnamon, not bad And grilled a tinee weenee steak. Trimmed without any fat. I was full imagine that. Couldnt finish my apple. Discovered hot tea again. Found some flavored with cinnamon, not bad. Dinner chicked salad cant wait :)

Dinner was pretty good.Chicken cut in chunks, boiled with red pepper flakes and garlic. Put it on a bed of lettuce and used some lemon juice for a dressing. Baked my apple with stevia and cinnamon. Im clueless on the melba toast does two halves equal the one toast they are talking about? And does anyone know how to put one of those tickers on my page?

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