Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super *itch

I am having major mood swings, not sure why. I swear I am bipolar this week. Have highs then super bitch comes out. Most times I am not hungry. But I do notice that I need to be feed in a timely manner. Lunch at 11:30 and dinner between 5 and 6. If I don't eat close to that time that's when SHE comes out lol.Not sure if its psychological or if it is physical.But it happens.

Made some hot mustard today to go with some cabbage, discovered that's one way to get water down me lol. Next time wont use so much :P. Well I was totally confused about what phase I was in but now I know I'm in Round 1 phase two.

I cant wait until I start running into people I ha vent seen in awhile and they notice the weight loss. Attention hoe, NO just is easier for those people to notice that the ones that are actually around you all the time. I don't think that's wrong to want people to notice, cause they sure as heck noticed when I got fatter.

So 8Th day and 12.2 pounds lost. I assume that an average of 1.5 pounds a day is normal on HCG. Hope its not on the low side of average.

Ok have to post a pic.....Looks like somebody is having a good time :)

I dont know if anyone has ever checked out Leonard Nimoy's Full Body Project. It is quite interesting. I am glad for anyone who is happy in there own skin. Im just tired of living my life not happy in mine.

Ok warning on this video. Not suitable for everyone. Major man boobs but hey I wanted something for the blog lol.

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nikkispower said...

It seems alot of people have gotten into severe moods swings during protocol...I probably did but since I'm like that most of the time I didn't notice.