Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blunt of Laughter

Always harder when it is on the other foot eehhh.......

Well today was yet a reminder once again that I'm fat. Who woulda thunk it? So get to church and my pastor's wife tells me she has a picture of me that was taken last year at her nieces bridal shower. By the tone of her daughters and her laughter I could tell it probably wasn't flattering. Then she said she was thinking of posting it on facebook and seeing as I wasn't on her friends list I wouldn't know (giggle giggle) I proceeded to tell her I'm not on her friends list because she hasn't requested so. Then I told her how I threaten my daughters if they post ugly pictures of me I will delete them. Too bad cause I was feeling pretty good up until that point this morning.

I guess that kinda crap bothers you coming from skinny people.
So one would ask "why do you post pictures of other fat people?
My answer would be to remind myself that I am fat too, and to finally once and for all get healthy.

I guess the real kicker was this last summer when I went back to Haiti for a friends wedding. I am not fond of the heat there as I don't handle it well. And being overweight does not help. So we get to the chapel and lo and behold see people I haven't seen in two years. Another lovely pastor's wife looked me right in the eye and laughed and told me I got fatter. I was so embarrassed. I vowed right then I would step back into the country to minister until I was at a healthy weight.

So my prayer is that I can overcome.


Brandi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Mary said...

Thats not nice, delete Brandi, they are just skinny and it has squeezed all the common sense right out of there brain.

Brandi said...

Lmao, I love you.

nikkispower said...

What a strong and awesome spirit you are! Try not to receive such negative energy and keep on keepin' on!

Miss Mary said...

Thank you Nikki for the uplift :)