Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pounds and Inches

Woke up for my usual meeting with the scale. OOOOPS have to pee first. That's the first thing to do after waking up and it couldn't hurt because I think I tinkled 32 ounces(seriously it felt like that) lol. Only a 1/2 pound lost but that's OK. Cause to date its 10.5 :) so I'm smiling. I knew it was the day to get that blessed tape measure out. I had to crack up because on the chart last week I hadn't noticed until I got to the bottom it had a section for Roll 1 & Roll 2. Well since we are all being honest here I have to admit I did measure roll one as there was no roll 2. It cracked me up. Ah the thought. But really it made sense because that area really wasn't on the normal spots to measure. And well after 4 children you get the idea :(

It wasn't really convenient for me to measure this morning even though I'm getting up a half hour earlier since I started the HCG for work to do everything. So I waited until tonight.
Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 inches overall lost. That totally rocked my night

Especially after feeling cranky and pissy cause I'm getting "the friend soon" and because an employee totally ticked me off. So I'm feeling pretty good at moment. Went shopping which was a bore, made it out of walmart because well not much to buy on the 500 vlcd lol. Did spend alot of time buying new flavors of tea. MMMMM Mint Tea. Taste yumm. Searching for a way to make orange chicken for dinner tonight. Bon Apetite Friends.

Smile make people wonder what you are up too................

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