Sunday, October 25, 2009


The last few days have been a real struggle. First traveling to Sam's and being surrounded by all the yummy food. Then we had to get ready for our monthly home group bible study and we are the host house and the speakers. O my gosh had to cook for that. Its difficult to cook and not to taste. I made a banana bread cause I had some ripe bananas and a pecan cookie bar. And sliced some strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream, so I can eat the strawberries and not look like odd duck out.I was hoping no one noticed me not eating the usual. Two couples bought hot wings. Boy they smelled delicious. :P I ate my strawberries and hot tea. There is still stuff left over but Im bringing it all to the office. I have 15 employees who can eat it before they load there trucks :)needless to say I felt very weak and wanting to eat it so bad. But I didnt.
I am praying I can stay on track but last few days have been extremely hard. Im not hungry I just want to eat! I mean really eat.I hope this passes.


Caitlin Murphy said...

Hang in there, and pat yourself on the back for resisting the temptation!!! It can be hard, but from experience ;) I really needed to find a way to just think about the next morning. Was cheating worth not having the decrease in weight I wanted and prolonging my round further? I was not as strong as you and sometimes just didn't care, but deep down I really did. Your post, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" really was great and helped me through not cheating one afternoon. :) Just keep going, you won't regret it!

Brandi said...

You are doing so well, I am really proud of how well you've handled yourself and how much weight you're losing. You look amazing! I know I say it all the time, but you really do. I don't think I could do the home groups, it would about kill me...though I do have two sample wedding cakes in my fridge that keep screaming at me, not to mention the left over pizza that Chris hasn't eaten yet. Grrrr. Lol. I'll be okay, I'm just going to sit here and eat me damn orange, yummy. :)

Miss Mary said...

Thanks girls. We can make it I guess the syaing "one day at a time" is true.