Friday, October 23, 2009


Went to the big city to get some stuff. Had to do payroll before we left so I sent my husband and another guy out to breakfast while I did the paperwork. MMMMMM biscuits and gravy. Nope didnt have that lol. Had some water. So out the door I cut up an apple and brought a grissini to hold off the hunger while we were shopping. All the billboards were screaming at me. Buffalo Wild Wings, Burgers, Andy's Frozen Custard yummm. It was difficult at times.
Skipping lunch was hard but what was I to do? Drank my 2 liters of water while out. Went to Sam's Club to get some strawberries some more fish. They didnt have any lean beef so none of that. Ho Hum. Then my daughter met me at a local Akins Health Food Store. Ok so we were like clueless there. And yeah all the helpful scrawny workers didnt even approach us to help. But we made our way and found what we needed.
So now Im off to go make me some chili(more like tomato soup with a few chunks of meat but good) and some strawberries.

Fatty for the day:

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