Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

I heard that in another group and wow it is so true. I have been craving buttery popcorn like crazy. It just sounds good. Im not hungry most of the time. I think the HCG shots help with the hunger. I do have some aching in my rib area and dont know if that is a result of anything or maybe just cause its cold here in Missouri.

I woke up to a nice surprise on the scale. 10# lost total as of this morning. Pretty excited about that.

Husband has been repeating very negative stuff about everything I cant do.
"Oh you can have your Italian Christmas Eve with the kids" or "we wont be able to go to Italy next year cause you wont be able to eat"
But my daughter and I did the figures and by then I can do another round of the HCG injections and start on Christmas Eve and that will start my loading phase. So a big raspberry to him. I will have my cake and eat it too lol. Its not cake I will want but a piece of lasagna. Im the bomb with my Italian heritage and my lasagne.

Why when people know you are trying to change YOUR lifestyle they think they have to remind you all the things you cant do. How about lets talk about all the stuff maybe I will be able to do. Hmmmm theres a thought.

So my mantra will be from now on "Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels"
and looking forward to all the things I can do and not limit myself to what I cant do.

O and buttery popcorn with salt does sound yummy still but upside my package of Grissini breadsticks should be arriving soon......Whoot!


Brandi said...

You will be able to buy clothes that don't start with W, you will be able to go anywhere without trying to find someone bigger than yourself so you aren't the 'fattest' person in the room, you will be able to walk all over Italy without feeling like you are going to pass out because you are carrying an extra hundred pounds, you will be able to run around with your grandkids, you won't always be worrying about hiding your tummy, you won't hate getting your picture taken as much, the list goes on and on...you will LOVE it and I am so excited for you.

Miss Mary said...

LOL yes clothes without the W will be nice. Hey you didnt have to tell everyone how much I have to loose. And I do run around with the gk lol maybe then I can roller skate with them and not worry about how stupid I will look when I fall. Picture taking I think I will always hate but at least I will be thinner 'P

Brandi said...

You know what I meant, lol. :) I wasn't trying to be discouraging, only encouraging. I love you, Mom and I am so proud of you for doing this. I can't wait until I start it. :D

Miss Mary said...

I know I was just messing with you. Cant wait for you to start too. Would be nice to have someone close to home on it. I will call tommorow about getting your supply and your literature.