Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 11 of VLCD

Today wasn't so bad. But tonight I feel vamished. I am attributing it to TOM stupid jerk lol. Only a .2 loss again. I drank a huge load of water. Yeah that helped. NOT. Dinner was kinda a bust. Tried to make a mock chili. It was ok. Just didn't satisfy the beast within me lol. I need to jazz this stuff up for sure. On my list to do tommorow is to go to the grocery store to get some things. Maybe some fresh fish and who knows. Beef just didn't cut it for me. More satisfied with chicken or fish products. Not sure why but maybe that is what my body wants. I feel fat and I didnt before my period. Yuk Yuk I hate you TOM.

So for a hilarious funny. This guy can really bust a move. O yeah :) I bet he is a blast to hang out with lol


helderheid said...

Everyone I know seems to be experiencing that TOM! Hang in there!! LOVE the funny!

nikkispower said...

Uh Uh! That was stupid funny!! And yeah.. Boy got moves!!..

Thanks so enjoy your blogs!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

How did you get a hold of my private video?!?

Miss Mary said...

When we going dancing Jack? :P