Friday, October 16, 2009

Craving What He is Eating

So I believe I told him just yesterday I was craving popcorn, smothered in butter and guess what he is making? Ask's me if it would bother me if he did? What am I supposed to say? Yes. Make everyone else a prisoner to my diet. Does anyone ever feel like the people around them are trying to sabotage what you are doing or is it just what it is? So do they think after 8 days I am super woman. And a small chicken finger and an apple twice a day is satisfying to the soul much less the palette. Seriously why dont you try it for one meal grrrrrr. Ok that is my rant!


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nikkispower said...

Ok?!! I feel ya! Yesterday my friend Don, asked me to taste something, I told him I really couldn't, I was stuffed. He looked like HIS feelings were hurt BUT I'm the one on the protocol that HE introduced me to.
Love your blogs!