Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run Baby Run

Went to town and got some groceries. When I say went to town that's what it is lol. I live out in the sticks and I like it like that. It comes in handy, like when you want to lay out in your birthday suit :)
Have to drive at least 25 to 40 miles to be able to get a variety of groceries. So went to the big city. Did pretty good. I'm looking at labels and basically you cant buy anything if its not fresh or frozen on the HCG. Even read the labels on the poultry. Ugh! Why do they need to add stuff to poultry? Stocked up on Melba toast yippie.
Came home and cut up a week's worth of chicken. Bought some veggies I'm not crazy about but hey not much of a selection yet on p2. So tomorrow I'm going to broil some asparagus whoot! I find I do better with loosing pounds when I don't repeat the same foods consecutively in same day.
It was around lunch time and I was hungry cause it was my normal time to eat and because I didn't drink enough water I was feeling the effects. So I definitely felt the pull of Sonic and Taco Bell.
O taco bell how I miss thee!

I will definitley be visiting you on my next load days.
So I high tailed it outta there like Lot out of Sodom & Gomorah. Whew. Made it out of there. I didnt even put the groceries away before I had to feed the beast.
I did find me a nice 2.2 liter clear water jug. So water intake will now be a sure thing.
My daughter Brandi is starting her HCG Thursday. Im excited for her. She is gearing up for load days. I think her family needs to be the one getting ready lol.
I havent changed my families eating very much. Still buying the pizza pockets and such for my son who is a senior. I used the last of the frying oil tonight so Ha no more friend chicken for you boys lol. Enjoy tonights cause you wont see that for a long time :)

Well in the spirit of this blog to date. The funny for today is:

Got a beautiful face but all I can focus on is the Long John in her hand lol. Its been two weeks since I had something sweet :)


Brandi said...

Lol, this is going to be interesting :D I can't believe you just compared Sonic and Taco Bell to Sodom and Gomorrah, lol. You rock. :D

Anonymous said...

Taco Hell! I love your sense of humor! AR

nikkispower said...

Miss Mary, you done good! And why don't you try stevia on strawberries or something like that? I fell in love with baked apples, flavored with truvia and cinnamon. I purposely haven't eaten any apples during P3 & P4 so that I can be in heaven second round.

Miss Mary said...

Nikki cant find any fresh strawberries around here. Dont know if I can get them frozen without added sugar.

Kristen Hinson Photography said...

is it sad that my eyes went right to the food on that photo?

Miss Mary said...

Kristen it will get easier.